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Incorporated in 1978 in Grande Prairie (Alberta, Canada) Valard has been driven by the entrepreneurial spirit of founder Victor Budzinski. Valard was created on the principles of employee inclusion and quality workmanship.

After only five years of operation, Valard was awarded its first major project in British Columbia, becoming a major player in the utility construction industry. Through the 80's and 90's, Valard continued to win contracts for the maintenance and construction of power systems in Western Canada. Valard's operations increased considerably in Alberta and expanded to British Columbia, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, the Yukon and the Northwest Territories.

In 1997, Valard was awarded the first large private transmission line in Canada, which also represented the first time Valard worked with a major transmission consulting firm; it would open the door to many future EPC projects.

As Valard entered the new millennium, still being awarded numerous maintenance and services contracts, their bonding capacity grew, as did its reputation for completing projects on schedule with a high standard of workmanship.

Through the 2000's, Valard was awarded a series of major transmission line and substation contracts. Highlights included installing the largest transmission structures in Alberta and several major EPC projects. The work demanded the hiring of many more skilled trades people, foremen and supervisors and the management structure was expanded to support this growth.

2010 was a watershed year - Founder Victor Budzinski focused on business development in his CEO role and appointed Adam Budzinski as President of Valard, responsible for all operations. Valard also joined the Quanta Services family in that year; Quanta is the largest utility contractor in the world, adding significant resources and bonding capacity.

By 2014, with a workforce of 3,000+, Valard became a full service provider of engineering, procurement, construction and maintenance services. Geographically, this ranged from the northeast region of BC to Muskrat Falls, Newfoundland/Labrador to successful bids in Norway.

In 2015 Valard was awarded the largest engineering, procurement and construction (EPC) electric transmission project ever awarded in North America (the Fort McMurray West 500 kV Transmission Project)! The Valard Group of Companies (Quanta's Electric Power Infrastructure Services in Canada) grew to include 11 brands - www.theValardGroup.com.

Valard began 2018 working on many storm restoration projects in tropical countries.  2019 brought winning bids for several large projects in Canada -  the East-West Tie and Watay Projects in Ontario, and the Manitoba-Minnesota line.

In July of 2019, Barkley Adams was appointed President & CEO, bringing with him a wealth of experience and successful project completion and operations management. The company is a true EPC+ service provider - the future looks bright!

A graphic version of our history is available here.

/ The Valard Difference

Our diverse customer base counts on and trusts the Valard Difference: client-focused attitude; unrivaled safety and quality; unmatched resources (largest contractor of linemen and electricians in Canada, one of the largest specialized fleets, etc.); community and indigenous partnerships; single point of accountability.

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