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Valard and Quanta Services

Valard, a Canadian company with Canadian management, is a self-directed operating unit of Quanta Services, Inc. (NYSE: PWR).

With more than 14,000 employees and approximately 19,000 pieces of specialized equipment, Quanta Services has offices throughout the United States and Canada. An S&P 500 Quanta Services delivers infrastructure solutions for the electric power, natural gas and pipeline and telecommunication industries.

Together, we are an unbeatable match

  • 2015 Fortune 500 company
  • Largest Electrical Power/Transmission & Distribution contractor in North America
  • On 2014 list of Forbes Most Trustworthy Large Cap companies
  • Quanta holds 150 patents for proprietary technology
  • Largest trained workforce in North America in electrical, natural gas and pipeline and telecommunication industries
  • Largest fleet of specialized utility equipment available
  • Unsurpassed level of financial and bonding capacity
  • Preeminent provider of live-line maintenance at all voltages and exclusive operator of the LineMaster™ robotic arm
  • Ability to draw on strengths, skills and resources of more than 40 Quanta Services entities as one integrated team
  • Capacity to successfully complete projects that are local, regional, national or even international in scope
  • Provider of financial support to EPC+ and construction clients for new capital projects through Quanta Capital Solutions