Company History

We're Proud of How Far We've Come

Valard is built on the values of Excellence, Independence, Development and Accountability. ​​ Holding these values close has allowed us to grow and become Canada’s premier utility contractor.


Building the Foundation

Many great companies have humble beginnings, and Valard is no exception. Valard began as a start-up utility contractor in Grande Prairie, Alberta. After partnering with Valard on a project with their own outfit (Ryco), Victor and Bill Budzinski teamed up with Ken Callies, one of Valard’s original owners, and bought into the company. This partnership put Valard on track to grow into the company that it is today.


A Major Player Emerges

Valard became a contractor of choice in the Canadian utility industry, thanks to strong partnerships, new top-level talent, strategic business acquisitions and a strong core workforce. The company’s collaborative work with First Nations predates industry trends.


Expanding Horizons

Valard morphed from a northern Alberta contractor to a major utility construction company in western Canada. During that time we developed a new relationship model with the Rural Electrical Associations (REAs). This model involved Valard looking after all aspects of day-to-day service and emergency services. This provided a step towards more efficient management of the REAs.


Growth, Opportunity & Leadership

Valard continued to grow as a company, taking on large projects in Ontario and Alberta. We began offering full EPC services to clients. We also brought on key players to the leadership team, and further solidified our position as an industry leader.


The Megaproject Era Arrives

Valard reached a pivotal milestone as a company, promoting Adam Budzinski to President in 2010. We also joined the Quanta Services family that year.

Valard transformed into a megaproject contractor. We have been acquiring companies and expanding into the international and storm restoration markets; we’re winning record-breaking projects and we continue to expand our footprint across Canada. When Adam stepped down mid-2019, Barkley Adams became President & CEO.