The Lines We Build Connect Canadians

And we’ve built some big ones. For over forty years we’ve been building transmission lines wherever they are needed. We don’t shy away from remote locations, challenging geography, or urgent deadlines.

Why Valard?

Coast to Coast

We've built over 11,000 kilometers of transmission line - that's the distance from Vancouver to Halifax, and back. The lines we build connect some of the most remote communities in Canada. 

Unmatched Resources

We are able to work in diverse conditions because we are flexible and because we have a lot of resources at our disposal. Our fleet includes aircraft for accessing remote locations and to increase efficiency when erecting and stringing towers. 

Our clients keep hiring us because safety and quality are always our top priorities. 

Safe Repairs with No Outages

Valard uses our proprietary LineMaster™ robotic arm for energized work, which reduces safety incidences and allows more efficient repair. It also eliminates the need for service outages. 

Valard Construction transmission-altimg3a
  • Overhead and underground transmission lines
  • Material and equipment procurement
  • Right-of-way clearing and access roads
  • Foundation construction and civil work
  • Steel tower assembly and erection
  • Poles - steel, wood and composite
  • Bundled conductor stringing
  • Inspection and maintenance
  • Testing, commissioning and start-up
  • Experience building up to 735 kilovolts
  • Specialized transmission crews
  • Innovative and well-maintained equipment, including the proprietary LineMaster™ robotic arm for live line work
  • Various stringing tools including four drum tensioners, sagging winches, pilot winders and travelers for four bundle transmission lines
Connecting People. Powering Communities.