Building Distribution Lines for Over Four Decades

To say that we’ve seen it all (and done it all) is an understatement.

Our highly-skilled crews complete both overhead and underground lines. We work in urban, suburban and rural environments, including challenging ones like remote locations and tight spaces. We specialize in four-party services, subdivisions, street lighting, industrial and residential installations.

Why Valard?

Full Service is Important to Us

We don’t have to subcontract out any of our directional drilling or hydrovacing services since we have those crews and equipment in-house. Having in-house underground capabilities saves time and money.

After the lines are built we are available for testing and commissioning, on-going inspection and maintenance, and if need be, emergency restoration.

At Valard Safety and Efficiency Go Hand in Hand

We have the capability to work on energized or de-energized lines. Working on energized lines cuts the need for maintenance outages. We use our proprietary LineMaster™ robotic arm, which reduces safety incidences and allows more efficient repair.

  • Overhead and underground distribution lines
  • Inspection and maintenance
  • Emergency restoration
  • Testing and commissioning
  • Experienced in urban, suburban and rural environments
  • Four-party services, subdivisions, street lighting, industrial and residential installations
  • Energized or de-energized line work
  • Directional drilling and hydrovacing services
  • Innovative and well-maintained equipment, including the proprietary LineMaster ™ robotic arm for live line work
Our Expertise. Your Project.

Let's do this.