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Why should you work for Valard?

Safety comes first

Safety comes before the job. We look out for one another, and we invest in our safety programs and training. In fact, we have one of the best safety records in the industry.


It's never boring

We like adventure and interesting challenges. We have utility projects across the country – sometimes in remote areas few outsiders ever see, sometimes in the heart of Canada's biggest cities.

You're respected

We were founded on employee respect and inclusion. We believe every team member is essential. By the same token, we expect your creativity and best ideas.

Right tools for the job

We provide the training and equipment to get the job done safely and properly. We have access to innovative technologies, proprietary methods and one of the largest fleet of specialized utility equipment in the industry.

Opportunities to grow

We're a leading contractor, and growing every day. That means steady work for you and opportunities to develop your skills by working on different projects.

We are also part of Quanta Services, the largest electric utility contractor in North America. If you want a strong future in this industry, you will find it here.

We also offer excellent rewards and benefits.