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Safety is a core value at Valard

Valard considers the safety of its employees, contractors, neighbours, clients and the general public to be of prime importance.

 Our employees work on challenging terrain and drive millions of kilometers every year. Keeping people safe, day in and day out, is the, most important thing we do. Beyond all other pursuits, we keep a safe work environment. Because we insist on high safety and technical standards, Valard has one of the best safety records in the industry.  We're committed to providing a quality of workmanship second to none, as our track record shows.

The Environment

At Valard, we recognize the importance of safeguarding the environment wherever we conduct business and maintain policies and procedures to support environmental performance. 

Valard’s Environmental Management System (EMS) provides specific direction for pro-actively identifying, managing and tracking environmental risks and performance.  

Valard Delivers Quality in every Project

As Canada’s premier utility contractor, we have long recognized the importance of Quality Assurance processes, to help achieve an efficient and profitable company.  Our industry leading standards allow us to provide our clients with consistently unparalleled quality, ensuring their satisfaction and continued success.

The Quality Management System and Project Quality Plans allow us to consistently provide a high standard of work in accordance with customer specifications, drawings and documentation for all projects we undertake.  This is achieved through a framework for establishing and reviewing quality objectives ensuring effective planning, operation and execution of our processes.