Vice President, Operations, Valard Québec

Gilles Pelletier

Following his studies in Civil Engineering, Gilles has logged 35 years of experience in the construction sector. He started out in the field and gradually worked his way up through the ranks; he feels that this provided him with the opportunity to understand and solve challenges along the way, while always considering and staying aware of the consequences of his decisions. His development as a leader has been attained by working on many civil works projects – these included road construction, highway construction, bridge construction, water purification and underground infrastructure, and, of course, in the construction and rehabilitation of transmission lines, ranging from 69kV to 735kV. Gilles joined Valard in 2014 as a Transmission line Manager – he has been instrumental in building a strong Transmission Line Team for Valard Quebec. The Muskrat Falls project provided Gilles and his team with the chance to work with their Valard colleagues from across Canada. Gilles has enthusiastically taken on the position of Vice President of Valard Quebec Operations.