East-West Tie Line Project PR

EDMONTON, ALBERTA – December 13, 2017 Valard Construction, a Quanta Services company, has been selected by NextBridge Infrastructure and Borealis Infrastructure to construct the Ontario East-West Tie Line Project in northern Ontario. Valard will be working closely with Supercom Industries, a 100% Aboriginal-owned joint venture by the six First Nations proximate to the East-West Tie … Continued

Historic Churchill Falls

EDMONTON, ALBERTA – November 23, 2017 Valard Construction LP, a Quanta Services company and head of the Valard Group of Companies, announced today the successful completion of construction on the Churchill Falls-Muskrat Falls and Labrador-Island Transmission Link transmission lines for the Lower Churchill Project in Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada. For four years, between 2013 and … Continued