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Valard Construction Recognizes its 40th Anniversary!

November 11th, 1979 Valard Construction was born, this year we celebrate 40 years.

EDMONTON, ALBERTA – February 4, 2019

In 2019, Valard Construction will celebrate our 40th anniversary. Our first acknowledgement of this milestone is the special 40th Anniversary logo you see above, and will see throughout the year on our website, vehicles, marketing material, etc. This is our way of paying respect to the relationships we’ve built over four decades – with our employees, clients, the communities we live and work in, our Indigenous and business partners – all of whom made this achievement possible!

At times like this, its human nature to reflect on how things have changed since our Founder, Vic Budzinski, started as a small powerline contractor in northern Alberta in the late ‘70’s. That contractor is now Canada’s premier utility service provider, an international EPC company that leads the Valard Group and is part of Quanta Services, with hundreds of successful projects behind us and many exciting challenges ahead of us. Who could have foresaw, in ’79……remote real time tracking for a project’s progress, instantaneous email communication, fibre-to-the-home and wireless technology…. all of which we take for granted in our business today?

At the same time, many things have not changed – our reliance on the highly skilled and demanding work required of our crews is the same….from right-of-way clearing to foundations to assembly to stringing. These individuals, many of whom spend their entire career with us, are the lifeblood of Valard. Also unchanged is our family approach to our workforce and our collaborative approach to our projects/clients – these have proven, over time, to ensure not only project completion, but satisfaction with a job well done,sensitive to all considerations – Indigenous, environment and community.

On November 11th, 1979 Valard Construction was born……we hope you’ll help us celebrate our anniversary AND continue the journey with us….”Connecting People. Powering Communities”.

Adam Budzinski
President & CEO
Valard Group of Companies

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