Director, Human Resources

Carly Giesbrecht

Carly is a driving force behind Valard’s commitment to cultivating a thriving organizational culture where people are recognized as the most valuable resource. In her role as Director of Human Resources, she oversees and facilitates the engagement of individuals at all levels of the organization, guiding them toward achieving organizational goals. With a background in learning & development, Carly brings a unique perspective to human resource management, emphasizing talent development and leadership growth. Her role extends beyond static guidance, as she actively contributes to overall operational efficiencies and enhances a positive workplace culture.
As an integral senior leadership team member, Carly collaborates closely with operational management to foster the development and retention of a world-class workforce. Her passion for continuous improvement is reflected in an environment that values teamwork, collaboration, and measurable high performance. Carly’s profound commitment to community engagement is evident as she has served as a dedicated mentor of college-aged women for over 20 years, instilling values of integrity, personal and intellectual growth, and community service, which exemplifies her dedication to making a positive impact both within and beyond the workplace.