Electric Power

Muskrat Falls to Churchill Falls Transmission Line

Two Parallel 315 kV Alternating Current (AC) Transmission Lines

There are 490.4 km of transmission lines from Muskrat Falls Hydroelectric Generating Facility to the electricity infrastructure at Churchill Falls.

This project was an exciting challenge for Valard, due to the vast/difficult terrain, extreme weather conditions, numerous river and infrastructure crossings, and isolation.


Nalcor Energy

Start Date

January 2014

End Date

June 2016

  • 1,271 towers installed - including 1,001 guyed structures & 270 self-supporting structures
  • 3,211,022 bolts were used to install 11,896 metric tons of steel
  • Crews installed 2,081 foundations and 4,364 anchors
  • The total length of conductor installed was 6,296.7 km
  • There were 889 staff working on the project for a total of 1,155,452 labour hours
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