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High Voltage Substation Project

The Valard Substation Team completed the Côté Gold High Voltage Substation Project for IAMGOLD and Wood PLC in August 2023, after ten months of work. The scope included a 115kV interconnect substation and Static VAR Compensator yard with a cutting-edge Synchronous Condenser (Hitachi system). We are deeply committed to safety and to the environment – and this project was no different. There were zero lost time injuries, zero high potential near misses, and zero environmental incidents.



Start Date

November 2022

End Date

August 2023

  • 4 115kV breakers, a state-of-the-art Control Building, 2 transformers, and 2 station service transformers.
  • Synchronous condenser system construction to ensure seamless operations.
  • SVC Yard equipped with top-notch associated equipment.
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